oclHashcat-plus v0.06
As many other already said:

A *HUGE* thank-you for the amazing work you do & share with us others!

I bow to you!
that is cool
well done atom
Thank you very much for including the two MSSQL modes; those will be extremely useful for dictionary based password cracking of SQL Server passwords!
Thanks a lot for the nice feedback guys. Thats very motivating Smile

My plans for the next version arent less than finally merging regular oclHashcat into oclHashcat-plus. That means combinator, hybrid and brute-force attack for oclHashcat-plus. And then, just to make naming easy, rename oclHashcat-plus back to oclHashcat.

Due to the better architecture in oclHashcat-plus (using the rejector) we can improve especially combinator and hybrid attack runtimes A LOT.

This will take some time, but it will be rock, be prepared!!

Thank youuuuuu for WPA/WPA2 support!!
And YES!!! merging sounds awesome!! Can't wait for that to come out!

Keep up the excellent work!
Hi i just registered so could say THANK YOU!
All my spare time have become improved becouse
of you!!! I take my hat off for you atom ;o)
sweet !
waiting for it Smile
Enough Talk Let's Crack Big Grin