Tutorial for adding hash formats?

First of all: thank you very much for open sourcing (ocl)hashcat!

I'd like to add a new algorithm. Is there some kind of quick tutorial available? A very simple example would be highly appreciated, e.g. adding a algorithm that takes a unsalted fixed limited length input and just checks if the brute forced candidate password matches the hash or copying an existing algorithm with a new hash type number: what needs to be edited and added where following which rules? E.g. @switch (hash_mode), what is what?


There's no such documentation yet, but feel free to write one. Usually just search for the hashmode and/or the hashmodes name in the files in include/* and src/* and add the GPU kernel folders and add code.
Interest here as well.
I might venture if someone can update the docs/BUILD.md file for Windows...
Here's the commit that added RAR5: f0a84a2. You can regard it as an example.