RAR hash file error "Line-length exception"
I'm using latest oclHashcat-2.01 + ubuntu 15.10 X86-64 + AMD 7770 and using JtR rar2john to extract the hash file from password locked RAR file , then paste to hashcat to run but always get the error message "Line-length exception", even use the sample hash file from website, would anyone can try this is work or need to downgrade ?

Sample hash from website

My extracted hash from RAR file using rar2john * hash file already masked

Thank a lot
1. the example RAR "hash" should work
2. only RAR3-hp ($RAR3$*0*) is supported so far
3. for RAR3-hp ($RAR3$*0*) no file names should be used within the "hash", e.g. no xxx.rar, xxx.jpg etc (these parts are completely useless and not allowed within the "hash": "xxx.rar:" and "*0*xxx.rar*80*33:1::xxx.jpg")