Noob help >.<
hello guys im struggling to get the output right on hashcat...

i dont want {hash:pass}{hash:pass}{hash:pass}{hash:pass}

I want just the cracked password like this:


Is there any way i can do this? 

Thanks for the help Big Grin
Yes, use the --outfile-format parameter. See --help for more informations
thank you Smile

Is there a way to input like this

and get the output

Sorry for the questions Wink
thank you
Maybe you should just read the documentation (--help, wiki/faq) to learn these basics:
i keep getting hashcat.exe: unknown option -- output-format

what am i doing wrong?
this is what im getting.

lol im so sorry for the noob questions... im a visual learner and reading to learn is not a strong point for me Sad
--outfile-format, not --output-format

> reading to learn is not a strong point for me

You weren't kidding!

Also, remove the --show until AFTER you've cracked some hashes.

Hmm, I don't seem to have a "hashcat.exe" in my v2.00 dir... Tongue
see i told you im slow lol

Thank you for your help