markprocessor --combinations and -q -r
Hi all,

Id like to work out the word combinations based on the -q and 0r option, but mp won't allow it. 

Is there another way to make --combinations work with -q & -r.

--seq-max can not be used with --combinations

Actually yes, there are exactly 2 alternatives:
1. do the math yourself (total number of combinations - (number of combinations "removed" by "-q" and/or number of combinations "removed" by "-r")). Note: depending on the values for -q and -r, these 2 numbers that you use can remove the same output line (that is why I used the "or" in the above formula, you can't substract a single combination twice if it matches the -q *and* -r filter).
2. OR use this command:
./mp64.bin -r ... -q ... | wc -l
to get the number of combinations (Warning: this could take a long time, but usually when users do use -r -q they try to use a small mask because of a slow hashing algorithm, so it shouldn't matter and take that long)

As you can see, the "calculation" is quite complicated depending on the -q and -r values, so there is no easy way to implement this feature (altrough with some perfectly working and flexible formulas it might be doable, not impossible).
thanks Smile
if anyone is interested I wrote a little little bash script to automatically benchmark the GPU's WPA hash performance and work out how long it would take to crack a given keyspace. Please note that it uses awk to filter out benchmark number, so you might need to adjust to your version of hashcat.