An idea for using CPU hash cracking with hashtopus
Hey, curly - big fan of hashtopus.  IIRC, there are quite a few forum members that would love to be able to use this tool with CPU hashcat. You also were interested in the idea, but the lack of certain features in the CPU version that were in the GPU version was a deal breaker. In my internet searching, I stumbled across a tool called gpuocelot ( Essentially, it allows applications based on CUDA or OpenCL to work on CPU architecture as one of its functions.  Could something like this be used to translate the GPU instruction to CPU instructions?  I know I know there would be a performance trade off, so it would probably be a temporary solution, rather than a permanent one.  Maybe long term a more permanent solution could be developed - like adding those missing features to hashcat.  But at the moment, I have many computers sitting idle at work that could be used for something like this through hashtopus, however - no gpus.  The 2-3 computers that do are not mine, but colleagues'.

What are your thoughts?


EDIT: Also, I might add: I'm a big fan of all the work that's done here.  Thanks atom, epixoip, and all the others I didn't mention.
Also, edited for clarity and added link.
1. This is the Hashcat forums, not the Hashtopus forums.

2. GPU Ocelot is a dead project, hasn't been touched in 4+ years (2.1 released Sept 2011)

3. OpenCL can already run on CPU, and if you're tracking the progress of oclHashcat on Github, you'd know that oclHashcat already runs on CPU.