Rules based attack sha256
Hi i'm new with hashcat and i started studying how this program works a few days ago, i've read about the brute force attack and i would like to use it in combination with a rules based attack. 
Let's say i've the sha256 hashes of some string that have this pattern: n-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  (12 alphanumeric values).
I know that this is a very long string to brute force considering that i have 62^12 combination. 
I've noticed a very frequent pattern in the creation of this 12 values string and the pattern is this one:
- at least two number 
- at least two vocal
- at least four capital letter
Using this three condition the number of combinations possible reduce drastically, how can i implement this condition in hashcat ? 
Will the insertion of this condition reduce the hash/s rate ?
Let me know.
Seems like you want to try PolicyGen of PACK (Password Analysis and Cracking Kit):
--mindigit 2 , --minupper 2 etc

also see .hcmask description:

(BTW: it's still way too large keyspace, the few possibilities that are skipped are negligible compared to the huge keyspace)
Are you sure ? Do you think i should keep make more specific the pattern ? What should be an appropritate order of magnitude i can solve in 1-2 days ?
Ok i gave a look at PACK and it's more or less what i need, it do everything i asked for but it doesn't provide me to make something like --minvocal or --mincharset . I think that a configuration like this would be very usefull to reduce the number of all possible keyspace. Is there a way to do it ? I wanna make my charset and set that i wanna find at least two values coming from my charset.