wpa/wpa2 for hc
1. Oclhc has password limit set to 16, and increasing it would increase the mem usage tremendously. This is where hashcat comes along. And it's increased password limit.
2. Sometimes you get access to a server with a bunch of CPUs and no GPUs(yeah, sucks, but those still exist). Useful for hc !
3. This will require backporting, so less work needs to be done.
4. Come on, CPUs are still useful for something!
5. HC is still officially part of the cat suite and so much work was done on gpgpu cats. Some rest ?
6. In some distant future, CPU apps have more chances to be emulated than GPU apps!

Well, I guess that's it, the most important reason is 1st.
Ofc, this is only a suggestion.
I would appreciate it too.
I've got some servers that are pretty useless at the moment so, for WPA, I prefer to leave one working 7/7 instead of my GPU. I am sure I'm not the only one who think this way.

It can also be useful for a quick run on a popular passwords list (i.e. top 100/1000 : not enough work for the GPU). Or even for those who use passwords like 64 * "1".
done. latest oclHashcat-plus supports this. thread closed.