cannot launch mask attack with hashtopus
Sorry i'm noob, I have a problem.
Installed Hastopus server and client -->Ok
Got Windows HASHLIST --> Ok
Created MASK attack task --> OK

Launched agent and got:

Loading task...assigned to 17, hashlist 6 (continue)

File 8char-1l-1u-1d-1s-compliant.hcmask already exists.
Hashlist already exists.
Requesting chunk...keyspace measuring required
Measuring keyspace...D:\SCAMBIO\hashcat\cudaHashcat64.exe -a 3 "D:\SCAMBIO\hashlists\6" "D:\SCAMBIO\files\8char-1l-1u-1d-1s-compliant.hcmask" --hash-type=1000 --session=hashtopus --keyspace --quiet
ERROR: --keyspace is not supported with --increment or mask files
[ERR] Uploading 114 b...Uploaded 2 errors

What's wrong with it?
Why performing keyspace if attack does't support it?

Thank u all for every help
This is the wrong forum for these questions.
This is the hashcat/oclHashcat forum.

The hashtopus forum is (also see