External GPUs / Adapter
Hello Everyone,

I do not have much space in the tower of my PC, so I would like to purchase and install a video card outside the PC (Ex: AMD Radeon â„¢ HD 6990).

Do you know if adapters/cables/racks exist? Where?
Any solutions? Smile
You can use thing like PCI-E Extender (or riser), try to check ebay.
Well, that's a good idea, but the flex cable is too short on most model.
Difficult to find a cable of 40/50cm! :p
It's short for a reason, for half a meter you will need gold plated wires to not to loose performance ...
Yeah the longer I have seen is about 19cm, but it's too short to be outside my PC tower Smile
Seems impossible to do what I want ;'(