Need help with mask

I hope I posted this in correct subforum. If I did not, I apologise.

I need help with setting upĀ attack for oclhashcat like this:

password contains lower alpha and digits
8 characters in length
password contains exactly 2 digits placed randomly

Is there any way to do it? If so, how?
Thank you in advance. I am not very experienced with this and will appreciate your help.

EDIT: could this be done using maskprocessor using "-r" ?
echo "i0?i2?i4?i6?i8?iA?iC?iE?" > meh.rule && echo lllllldd | ./permute.exe | sort -u > perms && ./hashcat-cli64.exe --stdout -r meh.rule perms > perms.hcmask

Then :
Thank you Xanadrel Smile