No output from against xp/2003 excel file
Hi hashcat forum,
I am attempting to get the hash from an excel xp/2003 file but office2john gives no output when I run it against this particular file. I am able to extract the hash from other older 97/2003 excel files I have tried. I don't have any other xp/2003 excel files to try.
The same xp/2003 excel file works in elcomsoft advanced Office Password Recovery and it says it is:
file format: "Excel XP/2003 with CSP Encryption"
However cracking this with elcomsoft is far too slow so I'd really like to get this into hashcat.
I have the same issue. Any progress ?
What version of office2john was used? I made some changes in but they might have been Word specific (can't recall).

If someone can mail me a sample file with this problem, I'll (try to) fix it.