Help with MSKerb5 Hash
I am struggling to get oclHashcat to crack the Kerberos 5 AS-REQ Pre-Auth hashes , I get a line length exception , I have attempted to use oclHashcats example hash

I get the same error when using my hashes (obtained via Cain ) , sorry I am still a bit of a noob  am I missing something obvious?
Thanks for any help.
looks invalid, please see example hash page on the wiki
Ok feel like an idiot , the Text file I was saving them to had an invisible character after carefully checking my files again , they seem to be working; thanks for the reply , on a side question My nvidia driver on my windows 7 keeps crashing when using cudaHashcat64 but not 32 Driver 365.19 its not a main concern for me my main machine for hashcat run on a different system just wondering if any one knew what caused it .