-m 13100 (Kerberos 5 TGS-REP etype 23) return Invalid hash-type specified ???
cudaHashcat64.exe -a 0 -m 13100  

return-  "ERROR: Invalid hash-type specified"

I'm running above win 10(x64) with the last NVidia driver
If the output of
cudaHashcat64.exe --help
doesn't list the hash mode you are trying to use, in your case 13100, it means that this specific version does not support -m 13100.
It is as simple as this.

That said, it doesn't mean that newest or beta version of (ocl)hashcat doesn't support it too.
If you are referring to the example wiki page, https://hashcat.net/wiki/example_hashes , it is worth mentioning (but this was mentioned already a couple of times) that we try to keep the example hashes wiki page as updated as possible. That means that this specific page also lists hash modes that are only supported by the newest beta or git version.

Another thing you can always check to see what is going on and why "something does not work" (besides the --help output) is that the docs/changes.txt file list the "Added support for -m 13100" or similar.

So go ahead and test hashcat.net/beta/ already and see if that works for you Smile