Help with cracking
I’m taking a class where we generated passwords and salts with python using the following code:


from hashlib import *
import binascii

salt = '3d10c0082e0a2f7d'
pw = 'cat'

salt = binascii.unhexlify(salt)

m = md5(salt)

s = sha1(salt)

print s.hexdigest()
print pw
print "----\n"

In my file, I have


I’ve attempted to crack these but I’m running into problems with them.  What I tried to do is take a dictionary list, run the list into the pw variable and compare the outputted hash with the hash in the password file.  This worked for like 2 passwords and then that’s all.  

I was wondering if HashCat would be able to crack something like these…

Yes, but you need a custom kernel for this custom algo