What's "xxx ms" in Speed.Dev ?
Indroduced in v3.00 what does
Speed.Dev.#1...:  4883.5 kH/s (3.27ms)
means ?

Should it be high or low ?

For information, this is what I get with MD5 (-w 3, 200 hashes, GTX1080), straight wordlist attack. Sounds slow no ?

I've explained that in detail in the hashcat v3.00 release notes. If you don't work on the system -w 3 is fine. With -w 3 it should be ~96ms, but that's possible only with enough amplifiers. With straight wordlist it's not possible with MD5, only slower modes.
Oh yes I read it and forget Confused
-w 4 is it really insane ? For a headless dedicated machine.
You will not be able to do anything on the desktop. I'd still recommend -w 3, it has several advantages