Hashcat v3.00 : Distributed password cracking
Hi everybody,
I start using hashcat v3.00 and i need your help on to how to use it in the distribted password cracking, a manual or a guide will be appreciated and how to use it on cracking multiple hashs at the same time ( how to separate the hashs types ? ). Thanks a lot in advance .
--keyspace, -s, -l.
(07-08-2016, 10:44 PM)rico Wrote: http://hashtopus.org
Is hashtopus from hashtopus.org now Hashcat v3.00 compatible?
I keep getting confused by curlyboi's hashtopus and hashtopus.org but somewhat remember that they're not the same and at least one did (does?) not yet understand the new hashcat-V3.00-style output.
In the downloadsection of hashtopus.org is still cuda/ocl-Hashcat v2.01 along the hashtopus-v0.1.X-zips.

Hashtopus wasn't updated to support hashcat v3.00, so a fork was created called hashtopussy. Never tried it myself.