Noob question. Partially lost pass in TC. Can we do it?
Hello there,

I desperately need to find out my old pass to my TC container. The problem is that I kinda partially know the password but I forgot proper order of character in it.

It looks like this: hashcat BUT I made it like this H@shc@t or Ha5sc@at ooor h@s4cat etc.

Can I restore somehow using hashcat? Can anyone help me with this?

I owe You good polish beer for helping me with this matter.
Try running it though a wordlist using the included leetspeak rule, i.e. use "-r rules/leetspeak.rule" in the command.

You'll need to extract the hash from the TC container first though. This might help:
plz try take "hashcat" as base word in dictionary and use leet rule

I see i reply couple seconds to late.
If simple leetspeek.rule cant help consider use it 2, or 3 Times OR unix-ninja_common-leetspeak.rule or Incisive-leetspeak.rule
I'll come back with results. Thanks for tips