RX 480 impressions
OK I've played a bit with the rx480, here some first impressions:

Here's some 1:1 comparsion 290x and 480 on the same system with the same driver: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...=133823274
  • Card's almost as fast as a R9 290x for some very lightweight algorithms
  • For more compute intesive algorithms it drops to around 10% - 50% of the performance of a 290x. Looks like the algorithms using fast shared memory somehow do not make efficient use of it
  • Some algorithms run faster, which I think is not true. It's more likely that the 290x code generated with the new driver is somehow bad
  • Card is not getting as hot as the 290x, even under load
Hi Atom.

What's going on with AMD cards and RAR3-hp algo ?

It seems that RX 480/ RX 290X are about 130 times faster than Nvidia 1080/ Titan X (!)
Ignore it, the current compiler in amdgpu-pro creates invalid code for those.