Radeon HD 6970 24000 H/s : how do I get more speed
Radeon HD 6970 getting 24000 H/s. cracking speed on WPA 
I seen a bencmarks @  82000 hash/s
How can I get more is it hardware or software issue

This is my setup 

Windows 7 64 bit OS
integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 3000)
AMD 6970 video card
openCL 1.2 is installed and verified in GPUZ and GPU Caps

I keep getting Hashcat error Warning Not a native Intel OpenCL runtime expect massive speed loss

the problem is it only gets up to about 24000 H/s. I have seen the bencmarks @ Radeon HD 6970 82000 hash/s
how do I fix the runtime error and or increase my speeds
I can use the force option but it doesnt change anything but hide the error

Do I have the wrong openCL SDK 1.2 version for hashcat should I try to update to 2.0 or 3 
I was expecting to get at least double my speed any ideas or help please on what I should try
AMD dropped support for 5xxx and 6xxx cards a while back. We've discussed this here several times. Please update your GPU to get good results as hashcat is always optimized for the best card you can buy.