how to find autotuned values?
The introduction threads for hashcat v3 discuss the Autotune Engine, but say that at some point in the beta stage the program reported the autotuned kernel loops and accel values. How can we see them now? The hashcat.log file only has "dummy" entries of "kernel_accel  0" and "kernel_loops  0" rather than the values that hashcat determined.

For those who do want to follow the three step method to manually test for better values, it would be nice to know that Autotune came up with, so that hours later, when we have ours, we'll know whether they are the same as Autotune's. If they are the same, then we don't need to start working with custom entries in the database.

(Somewhat related comment: I found that the -w parameter didn't affect hashcat's performance or the desktop lag, but hashcat's own responsiveness.)
Compile hashcat with DEBUG=1, then it will show you in benchmark mode.
If I had the capability to compile hashcat, I would be asking fewer stupid questions. I, and probably many others, are limited to the distributed Windows binaries.
Maybe there could be a companion option to "-force" that would be the equivalent of the DEBUG=1 option?
It's really easy compiling from source, try it.