Tool idea for splitting workload WPA/WPA2 (with friends or ppl who want to help)
Hey guys,

I had an idea in my dreams (I know it sounds funny) but its no joke, that you could split the work of hashcat with all friends to help or with other member of this forum here who ever wanted to help could do so with an easy tool.
For now (cause I like it most) its only for WPA/WPA2, but there is a option to make this open for every supported method.

So I started to write down my ideas based on a database, my first thing was, "Hm how to split work between any users".

Okay my task was now to create a database on my Linux server. After this was done I started to program the "Split tool".

First of all I need to say I'm not a "pro" programmer in C#. That is really my first "project" I wanted to create, but I did with some other languages programs, so forgive me if you find (and you will) bugs.

First thing I started is to read out the GPU, after I finished with this function I realized that for hascat 3 you don't need this any more cause there is no exe specially for nvidia or amd cards. Okay no worries, still a nice function to see if card is correctly found.

Okay go to the next point, add a function that do a small "benchmark" of your card to get the "right" calculation on the tasklist, ahh a tasklist what is that, okay that is the "CORE" of this program, imaging you can just upload an hccap file to the server, and after you create a "ID" this id represents the hccap file with all tasks that are created by the owner of the hccap file.

For now there is no way (will be added soon, don't got so mutch time I can do that every day like 1h~ cause my time is really limited) to create by you an ID, I can do this "manually" in the database. I just wanted to start a small test to check if I'm on the right track for now. Okay let's go further so the guy who create the ID (who is now me) can set some tasks like e.g:

1: a?l?l?l?l?l?l?l  that means from aaaaaaaa - azzzzzzzz
2: b?l?l?l?l?l?l?l that means from baaaaaaa - bzzzzzzzz
3: ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d that means from 00000000- 99999999


And everyone how has the "ID" can choose one task and calculate it, but only the available once. So if all tasks are done then the ID will not load new one and show "ID not found" or if there are task left it show "ID okay" and you can choose any open task to start calculation on that one.

Puh that was a lot of text for now, I know my English is not the best but I think you understand what this tool is about.

I just wanted to share my tool (its still pre Beta ^^) and maybe some of you guys like to test if and if you got some bad some issues or so please let me know. I hope I can finish in some weeks the webinterface so everyone will be able to upload hashes to share with friends etc.

Before I forget to tell you this tool DO NOT collect any information of you, the only thing is that this tool is allowed to do is download the hash from the server (will be saved on you hashcat folder) and upload cracked password (if you will be the lucky how will find it) nothing else, everything else is just usement of hashcat itself. This will be a non-profit project. I hope that the hashcat guys are "cool" with it.

I have created a "ID" for testing: 1234567899 if you like to do some test go ahead! Thanks!

I will put some easy work on that just for testing! Ah if you have a slow GPU benchmark could take a while!

of couse I have tested this a lot of this for now it looks good for me I have tested it with GTX 980 Ti.
It may be that benchmark is not that accurate with the kH/s but its just an idicator for your speed and the time you would need for a task.

PS: I will not explain how to use it it should speak for itself if this is not the case I need to change it.
PPS: Of cause you can scan it with any antivirus etc that no problem.

Download tool

€: Update some spelling issues Smile

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Why don't you use the integrated distrubtion solution with -s and -l and --keyspace? See here:
sry to disappoint u but i think its arleady existe Smile

look up for hashtopus
The reason for this not to use is that everyone who has nothing to do with that "topic" do not understand how to use it Smile

I think you can more easy share your "work" with my program
they dont need to do much, only download an exe, enter a voucher id , and then run the exe.. simple as that, and when they are done or dont want to keep sharing their computer power, just close the exe. end of the story.
Thanks my friend you understand my concept Smile
(08-16-2016, 07:24 AM)derbe Wrote: Thanks my friend you understand my concept Smile

i do, thats why i can suggest u to look up for hashtopus, that might save u some time.
but overall nice work