ERROR: Insufficient memory available
I get this message when I use the command --remove

hashcat64 -m 0 hashes dic -w 4 --username --remove -o recovered

hashcat (v3.00-1-g67a8d97) starting...

Structuring salts for cracking task...

ERROR: Insufficient memory available

If I avoid --remove it works fine.
Well I guess I can use --left command but still, it's probably a bug.
Same for me... even getting system freezes when using --remove.
EDIT: We should have a look, if this happens for small hashlists as well.
try without --username
(08-18-2016, 08:39 PM)atom Wrote: try without --username

I did, but still the same...

What I did:
hash: -m 100
baseword dictornary with about 90000000 lines (too much?)
rules: leetspeak, toggles2, prepend_ds (2x), append_ds (2x)

Is that supposed to work on a machine with 32 GB RAM?

(If I remove some rules it would work...)
Aha, that makes sense now. It would have been much clearer if you would have posted the entire commandline. So, the rules are too many. the Wordlist size doesn't matter. Note that with using many rules it's not like a sequential batch, you multiply them with each other.
That's not my case, I only use
hashcat64 -m 0 hash dic --username --remove -o recovered
Try without --username