--restore option problem
hi folks,
i am running a command line oclHashcat-lite32.exe -m 1000 55a4d6 ... at end i will put --session aaa then let the program run, then i tried to stop it with q but when i try to use --restore command i get an error that says:

oclHashcat-lite32.exe --restore
ERROR: restore file 'oclHashcat-lite.restore': No such file or directory

any help ?

inside the oclhashcat directory i just see aaa.restore file .. i tried to copy it and rename it like oclHashcat-lite.restore .. apparently working fine .. but i want to know if its the correct step or i am doing anything wrong.

Thanks in advice.
if you name your session you need to mention the name of the session you want to restore, too. (if it is not the default one)

so not only do a "--restore" but a "--restore --session=aaa"

else you can simply leave out completely the "--session" part.
khoros, did that work?
(10-21-2011, 10:08 AM)atom Wrote: khoros, did that work?

Yes, forgot to update the post i made,sorry!.
I still dont understand why the program is lookin for a file named oclhashcat-lite.restore than xxx.restore where xxx is the name of the session. By any chance you know that atom ? I have also another question on how the program handle the restore file, i mean, any moment the program will stop work or pc crash the session is exactly at that point ? probably better made a copy of that file as backup ? lets say every 5min ?

Let me know
Thanks in advice
Session parameter works perfectly, maybe you mistyped something like in your first post = is missing. --session=aaa so full example:

oclHashcat-lite32.exe -m 1000 55a4d6 --session=aaa

oclHashcat-lite32.exe -m 1000 55a4d6 --session=aaa --restore

Except if this some bug on windows version, but on linux it works good, as I'm using different sessions for few nodes on same filesystem and restore works like it should.
please open a new thread if you have a new question. that makes it easier to redirect it later if someone has the same question.

maybe this helps:

Quote:--restore-timer=NUM save restore file each NUM seconds

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