hashcat v3 is a major advancement over the previous versions
(This is a response to the various "previous version of hashcat was faster ..." comments in some of the threads.)

Conceptually, this new hashcat v3 is a major advancement over the previous split world of CPU hashcat and GPU ocl/CUDA hashcats. Your most important cracking tool is your brain. The new v3 opens new worlds of possibilities, and since it is the only currently developed hashcat, and will get the benefit of bug fixes, it is well worth learning and getting used to.
Hashcat v3 is not generally slower, only old GPU are slower. With modern GPU, it's faster, as you can see here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...li=1#gid=0

Of course hashcat is optimized for modern GPU not old GPU.
I saw the recent discussion with the person who also did their own tuning for their '970 and couldn't get the same wordlist plus rules speed as on cudahashcat. But that slight speed loss really doesn't matter. What needs to be improved are the word lists and rules. Those KoreLogic Crack Me If You Can contests emphasized figuring stuff out over raw computing power. The new hashcat v3 has improvements that facilitate this.