Hashes not logging..
For some reason nothing is being logged im on windows 10 i created file called cracked.txt using -o cracked.txt to try log output but nothing happens
command line hashcat -m 2611 D:\hashcat-3.10\hash.txt -o D:\hashcat-3.10\cracked.txt D:\hashcat-3.10\wordlists
[Image: b5p5wWo.png]
it just finishes the attempt crack and doesn't tell me anything if it's failed or passed... 
this is all i get 
[Image: Pk2ZUp4.png]
no one of the files inside wordlist directory dont have the password inside them?

perhaps u should try create  a knowed password get the  hash and put it (the already know password) inside a file and see if same thing happen

and it does tell u [Image: 0e63581eeca74a158b64dc1dbe733c7a.png]
Make sure you don't have whitespaces after the salt