11.4 Drivers and Ubuntu 11.10
Is it possible to install these on 11.10, with kernel 3?

Ive tried via --buildpkg switch, and also using option1 on the ATI script

error when trying to install packages generates


When installing via option1 i get some other 'heap' error i think it was.

thanks in advance
atom was saying the other night in IRC that he couldn't get cat 11.4 working on 11.10, so he went back to 11.04. I run 11.04 as well. I think I do remember someone saying they got cat 11.4 working on a fresh install of 11.10 though. No idea with 3.0 kernel.
I think that person was me. I got 11.8 / 11.9 working on this machine, but then i did notice quite high CPU usage, so i wanted to compare with 11.4.

I think ive made a right mess of something now, because 11.9 wont even install cleanly.

I want to move with the times, im not willing to return to 11.04 for the sake of a single app, somebody somewhere needs to sort this! 5 updates and the bug isnt fixed, which makes me think it never will be. So HC will be stuck in the passed
i can confirm 11.8 with Ubuntu 11.10 work great for me.
but failed with 11.9. Wink
But it takes much of CPU resources and performance drops ...