Unclear what this hash is from
I have these two data points: 

  1. "GWx82ixflrnaVzuZIpqdeB3q245fFwbdqvbZqctNpn7U9Aisbde8D7mBmfikYCxEJmcUjej0ScVlZ19C1ZZDR8MmjYqpYMuO2wfQEeJVDaNmKOBntBCIHzrtWlobP6i/itnPHb34lniO6ZFUpzvp3QfUvdcOYq7SR6/hbXAFZgU7SoGTOirmYMLE0TYsSEoVmL8N498=PET"
  2. "GRnAJ1pAJhqc1kwe6jFyMdQnvf4kSD8F7Mx3zscX9Q8AV5xfgU4GOp5pT9SLjXjVLgH5pDdVjCgDBQ37NpGZrzqEYZtOYkOFdAZcdmDAYeRhR5CGAUFdaH4gmJCZCL7RWTSK0y8nifccAGFvMcNB8IaTA4Qo/elPvz3UfVEHa+TyEQzqZIeo2TW2yKxWQ7FTVbnAtJ4=PET"
Both of them were created by an iPod on iOS9.0.2. The password used to create them was "Fachilt6" and I'm trying to figure out what encryption algorithm was used to create them, the "PET" looks weird to me, I've never seen it before and hashcat isn't working with it. 

Anyone know what this could be or how I could use hashcat effectively given this information?
from where did u get this 2 hashes?
(09-06-2016, 02:15 PM)kiara Wrote: from where did u get this 2 hashes?

I got it from doing a man in the middle session of the iTunes app store.
I don't know what type of hashes those two are, but read the forum rules. You should have masked the hashes.
How the hell did you manage to MITM iTunes but not recognise Base64?!