Brute Force- Mask,ntml hash?
So i want to crack this NTML hash: xxx using hashcat Brute Force / Mask
I don't know if is possible to find the lenght of NTML pass only by seeing this hash??and then set a rule like this one:

hashcat-cli64 -n 2 -m 2711 -a 3 --pw-min 5 hash.txt ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a

My system is windows 7 16 gb rams processor 3,2 ghz,wich tool i must download:are 3: - v0.50b1 [6.40MB]
hashcat binaries v3.10 
hashcat sources v3.10
There is no way to determine the length of a plaintext from the hash. This is true for all hashes, and is by design. You cannot know the length until you have cracked it.

You can use other information outside of the hash -- whether the target environment had a minimum or maximum password length. You can also use statistics from password studies to make an educated guess. But you won't know the exact length of the password until you've cracked it.