speed wise case with 2x4 or 1x8 gpu's
I am currently looking into a multi case setup, got some hardware lying around and some free time.

Now speed wise if I have 1 setup with 8-1080's  vs 2 setups with 4-1080's would the 4-180;s be faster?
gpu specs are identical regardless if there is 4x2 or 8
the cards are the same so speed would not matter (should be the same),
BUT!, u might have some issue with power consomption, throttle cards (because of the hot environment ), cooling the whole system (easier to cool a rig with 4 gpu than 8 gpu.. [my opinion]), incase u intending to use PCI risers (on the 8 rig) u might have some issue with wordlists on fast algori.. , u cant push to much on pci risers they have bottleneck.

overall if u have enough of cooling in ur rig of 8 gpus and u can put ur 8 gpu without risers and u have enough power woltage and ur mobo can support 8 gpu, then u'r good. (i think, some one correct me if im wrong, or forgot somth)

if u ask me, i would go for the setup of 2, i think its safer to go with 2 rigs of 4 Smile

(u did not mention that type of hardware u'v got so hard to tell )
@heat: depends very much on the hash type you are processing. some hashes are running the cards very hot with high power consumption (e.g. wpa). some others are keeping the cards cool with very little power consumption (e.g. bcrypt).

i personally prefer one fast system than 2 separate ones. but the decision is very much depending on what you are actually trying to achieve with it. either one can be the better choice, depending on your needs. so it would help if you can specify what hash type is your main target and what you are trying to do with it. will it be running 24/7 365 ? which hash types? how about allowed noise levels? american or european power supply (110v vs. 240v which would allow a 2000W PSU)? server/rackmount or desktop chassis requirements? as kiara said, more cards in 1 box might need better cooling, heavily depending on hash type though.
I have noticed the more GPU's one add the slower the added gpu's work
ex gpu0 11153 mh/s
gpu1 11005 mh/s
gpu2 10985 mh/s

Now I just thought possibly aranging the cards to see if that changes.
while a case with 8gpu's makes more sence as far as looks I was after purly after over all speed.

btw I don't have 8 1080's just an example.
(10-11-2016, 07:18 PM)intertan Wrote: I have noticed the more GPU's one add the slower the added gpu's work

no. https://gist.github.com/epixoip/a83d38f4...804a270c40