SHa256 hash
I want to crack a 55 char sha256 password .

i have 47 char already , so we will have to do mask attack.

can i know if i use a single ati 6990 hd card , how much time to crack the password?
can someone do one hash decryption for me and let me know ur result.

Mask : <removed hash>

Hash : <removed hash>

You shouldn't post your hash(es) and we won't crack it for you. But we can -perhaps- show you the best way to do so.

And actually.. you can't 'coz oclHashcat is currently limited to 15 characters long (speed optimization) and doesn't support salted sha256.

That may work with regular hashcat (CPU) but it'll take age.
You could also use maskprocessor to generate all combinations in a dictionnary...
it is not a salted sha256 hash. its a plain sha256. and i have provided 47 chars , only 8 chars have to be cracked more... total 55 chars which i heard from someone can be cracked with oclHashcat-lite.

So please put you expert input here
more or less: If salted sha256 were supported, you could have used the first part -the one that you know- as salt 'coz it does not count* in the length limitation.
There is a rule where written: do not ask people to crack your hashes ...