batch command for cracking zip or rar
hello friends i wanted to known the code for archives cracking zip and rar files etc
like for example for hash we put this code in batch
32 --remove -m 0 hash.txt pass/pass.txt -o cracked.txt -a 0
or with rule
32 --remove -m 0 hash.txt pass/alpha.txt -o cracked.txt -r rules/all.rule

but when i try 
64 --remove -m 13600 pass/pass.txt -o cracked.txt -a 0
it didnt work can any one help me out thanks
does htis supported by hashcat
$pkzip2$1*2*2*0*1c*10*f30b8770*0*3e*0*1c*f30b*495b*14f1b9c5523b908446a836c0ee0f109fdf033eb16a8b360d528c3a4c*$/pkzip2$ Signature unmatched
not supported