Running 3.10+620

Looking at the candidates that are generated in status message.
In my case HC is reading from stdin (mp64 is generating) and is applying a rule file that contains somewhere around 200 rules. The rules are appending different numbers.


When observing the candidates I very often see that they end with a certain digit, in my case "9".
Although 9 is only one rule out of total 200.

Sometimes the candidates ends in something else than 9, but 95% of the time I only see this digit appended to the generated strings.

Why is that?

// BBN
Because if the autotuned -u value is smaller than the total number of rules the innerloop has to be called N times. If the ruleset is only a low number above the -u value then you would see the '9' for a long time and the other value (which should be the last rule in your ruleset) for a short time.