OpenCL ICD, Windows 10, Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU, hashcat 3.10 (and beta)
C:\Users\Gerry\Downloads\hash2>hashcat64.exe -a 3 -w 3 -m 2500 25562_1478554895.hccap ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d
                                                  hashcat (v3.10) starting...

ATTENTION! Can't find OpenCL ICD loader library

You're probably missing the OpenCL runtime installation
  AMD users require AMD drivers 14.9 or later (recommended 15.12 or later)
  Intel users require Intel OpenCL Runtime 14.2 or later (recommended 15.1 or later)
  NVidia users require NVidia drivers 346.59 or later (recommended 361.x or later)


Windows -- 

Tried HC3.10 on a nvidia gpu laptop and desktop
cudahashcat 2.01 works on the same desktop with the same command

HC3.10 Works on surface pro 4, which is intel CPU/GPU

Tried googling - no luck.

Update your driver on desktop
Thanks cap, did that before submitting to the forum.
Also, can you please move this into the proper forum?