Itunes Backup
Hello everyone,

I have never used hashcat but I would like to learn how to decrypt iTunes backup. Could anyone give me a step by step command of how to decrypt the password?

Its an iOS 10 + .

I would really appreciate it,

Hi guys

I forgot my password to my iTunes backup so here I am looking for a solution and I stumbled upon hashcat earlier today. I used the itunes_backup2hashcat to get my hash and now am at a loss as to what do next. Here is what got spit out on terminal when I ran it
[hashes removed by philsmd]

I know I have to run 14800 in hashcat since my backup is iOS 10 but now I'm at a roadblock and unsure on how to actually run the command.

Any help would be appreciated.
I need to close this thread for now. Too many unrelated posts.