ESXi + 8GPUs using VT-d - performance impact?
So then guys,

We're looking at getting a box with 8 GPUs and we're planning on using ESXi on the host and passing through the GPUs to multiple virtual machines. 

I've done some quick testing using a single card (AMD R7 240) and i received no performance impact when doing VT-d (yes i know the card is crap but it was used as a PoC)

Has anyone here played with running ESXi and passing through the GPUs to a single VM? My reasons for this is that this will be used in a production environment and the ability to snapshot VMs and quickly increase capability is something we're after.

What i'm after is any real world experience in particularly any info regarding:
  1. Did VT-d cause 8GPUs a significant performance impact?
  2. Is there a ceiling limit on PCI devices in ESXi?
Thanks in advance
actualy i think some one did some test with this..

this might help u