hashcat version
I use oclHashcat v2.01. How old is this version and what's the difference between what I use and the hashcat64 v3.20?
Old as dirt.
There are way too many differences between the two. The entire codebase has been largely refactored and simply works differently.
newest version I get
Speed.Dev.#1.....:   233.1 MH/s (30.86ms)

oclhashcat 2.01
Speed.GPU.#1...:  1176.4 MH/s
When using old NV GPU, old hashcat is faster but buggy.
When using new NV GPU, new hashcat is both faster and not buggy.
Thanks for your reply, atom. I do have an old GPU. Radeon 6950.
For old AMD cards you need to use windows, otherwise you're lost. New linux drivers need 290x or newer.