Mask that contains streetname

Where I live, very often people put their street name in the WPA password.

If for example my street name is "Longstreet" and I want to mask like this:


How to do that?

Additionally, can I have something like

%a[L/l]ongstreet%a%a%a%a (also prefix + both capital and small first character)

Or even something like %a%a%a%a%a%a%a%a%a%a%a AND 'contains Longstreet'.

Is there any way do to these types of masks using builtin features and without building a huge wordlist?
Thanks yes I read that before but I had completely missed it.
Confusing these fixed characters with custom charsets.

I assume the 'contains' could be done by just adding multiple entries like

Correct but you should stop using '%' since it's not the right character for using charsets.
Where do you live? (i'm really curious where people are using street names, never heard about it)