Huge speed drop with Amd GPU Pro
Hello guys,

I've just upgraded my system and am now using Amd GPU Pro 16.50-365149
I tried to run the latest stable release and ran into the error described here: 

I've downloaded the beta version as suggested and hashcat now starts normally except that cracking speed has decreased drastically when compared to what it used to be:

R9 290 GPU

MD5, wordlist attack:

Speed.Dev.#1.....:   211.7 MH/s (3.57ms)

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

Thanks !
Please post full commandline
./hashcat64.bin -m 0 -w 3 --remove --rules-file d3ad0ne.rule --outfile md5.txt.out md5.txt last.dic
By the way... speed is normal with brute-force attack.
Speed.Dev.#1.....: 6408.2 MH/s (292.20ms)

It's really just the wordlist attack that's causing a huge speed problem
Hey guys, is there somebody who's using the latest amd gpu pro driver with the latest hashcat beta version confirm that the speed they get in rule-based dictionary attack is correct? I'd really like to know if the problem is on my side. Once again, speed is fine:

1) in brute force mode
2) in mask attack mode

It really has to do with the --rules-file parameter (tested many different ones, many different wordlists). Something looks broken.

Thanks !
Yes, I can reproduce the same behaviour. Mask is fine, but rule-based dropped from ~600MH/s to ~300MH/s.
Also the OpenCL JIT compiler segfaults while compiling the scrypt kernel. That errors occur inside the driver, so it's not hashcats fault, we can't do anything.
I'd suggest to go back to 16.40, this one works fine.
Thanks for the reply atom. I guess I'm going to have to wait until they fix the driver. I'm using OpenSuse Leap 42.2 and 16.40 wasn't compatible with my distro at the time.