Best 6x GPU case / chassis
In everyone's opinion, which is the best pre-built chassis/case for a 6x GPU (FE 1080) system in an industrial air conditioned room. Rack mounting is not important.
Not sure how important the fans and/or their position would be in a room with an industrial sized aircon unit? 

A couple options I have seen are:

1. Graymatter v3.0:
Positives: Takes 2 PSUs. New build just made available, got all the risers mounted and a spot to mount the HDD. 
Downsides: The fans are positioned incorrectly ( Fully populated, it would be extremely squishy. International shipping to Australia is $1000 USD (have just emailed them for cheaper options)

2. GPUshack open frame:
Positives: Cheap, simple design. Cheap ($25) international delivery.
Downsides: This only has room for 1 PSU, and being completely open, I imagine everything would get quite dusty over time.

3. Pre-built password crackers. I've seen a lot of mention of these, and would be willing to check them out, but unsure of which ones might fit the bill, or even what company's built reliable kit with the option of 6x GPUs

Appreciate everyone's input.
The Graymatter to me looks like a piece of garbage. The GPUs are exhausting into the mainboard/PSU area and from there no fans are pumping some air out. That's some kind of home made bullshit design. And the fact that you even consider this case brings up the question if you should really build a >5K machine on your own.

Get some proper server-chassis (e.g. Tyan, Supermicro, ASRock) with preinstalled mainboard, PSU etc. Or build a 4x-rig, cause that's much less of a hassle. Standard mainboard, standard case, one PSU, a few fans - doable.
I think graymatter v3 is great.
I'm pretty critical of the Graymatter chassis:
(02-02-2017, 05:56 PM)epixoip Wrote: I'm pretty critical of the Graymatter chassis:
nice and v3 released.