FPGA cards?
Ok so now that hashcat supports FPGAs that have CL drivers, are there any PCIe cards that actually run with it?
Are they on par H/s per $ as a standard GPU?s
I don't think there is much practically possible yet. The hashcat framework is now there to be developed against, but it is subject to both hardware capabilities and an actual OpenCL implementation on that FPGA. As I understand it, OpenCL support for most FPGAs is spotty or nonexistent (but that's only based on a little bit of research, so YMMV).

The only practical publicly available FPGA cracking that I know of is John the Ripper's recent support for descrypt on the ZTEX 1.15y quad boards. And it is not OpenCL-based.
There appear to be Xilinx, Altera, and Intel forays into OpenCL but I do not know their status/applicability.
Royce nailed it. Hashcat theoretically supports any device on any OpenCL platform -- but only theoretically. In reality, only CPUs and GPUs are actually supported. OpenCL on FPGA is still in its infancy to say the least, and it doesn't seem to be gaining much traction.
Thanks guys!
Maybe some day.