Sanity Check On Quit
I have just learnt the hard way that I should think more carefully when pausing hashcatplus.

I am quite used to quitting hashcatplus while I have been experimenting and I have only recently got down to some serious key testing. Unfortunately 3 days into a serious attempt I accidentally pressed “q” instead of “p” …losing 3 days of testing !!

Please could you add a function that when a user presses “q” they are asked a second time if they are sure they actually want to quit ?

I don’t think I will ever do it again but it may help save someone else in future.

Thank you.

Yes, this options be good to add.
more people interessted in this?
(11-10-2011, 04:44 PM)atom Wrote: more people interessted in this?

If I was twice as interested in this than anyone else would that count ? Wink

Also can I add something ?

Could it be made so the user (after pressing q) has to press a different key and not simply "q" again ? Perhaps "Y" in reply to a Y/N question ?

honestly, this sound like good olde windows. "are you really sure you wanted to click on "ok" in the last dialogue?"

But maybe this is something what would be quite handy as long as there is no resume support.