Is This Possible?
When using brute force attack you get 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005 and so on, is it possible to use brute force attack and get random sets like 1092, 9482, 1783, 9483, 2893?
What is the use case for wanting this behavior? If it's for a reason like this, it's not a good one. Smile

Within hashcat itself, you have four options for how bruteforce is ordered:

* By default, brute force uses markov frequency order (so you'd tend to get things like 1234 first).

* You can disable markov with --markov-disable, which will give you 0000, 0001, etc.

* You can use an older markov model with --markov-classic.

* You can customize markov with --markov-hcstat and markov-threshold.

There is no way to randomize this within hashcat. You would have to shuffle it yourself and pipe it to hashcat from an external source, or perhaps generate a random list and then use hcstat to "shuffle it" (but I've never tried this).

But you probably don't need to do this. Especially if you're hoping that it will "improve the odds".