Hi I am very new to all this so please excuse any dumb/stupid questions I may ask
I am trying to recover a Itunes backup password for encrypted file so I can backup  without encryption
I haveve used perl
perl ./itunes_backup2hashcat.pl Manifest.plist Manifest2.plist
received this output
then used
hashcat32 -a 3 -m 14700  $itunes_backup$*9*8da....445832** ?a?a?a?a?a?a

and receive this error
* Device #1: Intel's OpenCL runtime (GPU only) is currently broken
             We need to wait for an update of their OpenCL drivers
             You can use --force to override this but do not post error reports if you do so
No devices found/left

Can anyone advise me what this means and what I should do

Many Thanks
Hello and welcome,

Firstly, it shouldn't be too difficult to choose a more suitable forum thread topic: "hashcat-3.40" is kinda the worst title of the thread you could come up with (the content of the thread basically says, "I have not the correct driver installed", while the title says something as useless/general as "this project name version 3.40, I don't know what to put here").

Secondly, this has absolutely nothing to do with version 3.40 and also nothing to do with itunes.

Just read what the error says!

What you really should have mentioned instead is the hardware you are using and the drivers that you have installed. Just refer to the home page https://hashcat.net/ to see what software/hardware requirements hashcat has.


Update: almost forgot... you will get banned for posting hashes (3, 2, 1 ... banned?)