I'm using hashcat cracking oracle s: type password, but my server is equipped with E7-4830 v3 and nvidia k20, the k20 is too slow to crack, I think the E7 would be much faster than it, but I can't find it in hashcat and switch to it. Then I downloaded a legacy version 0.49, but I can set my server's time to the year 2015 because of my privilege.(The os is Windows server 2016)

What should I do to make it faster? Thanks!
Use hashcat's -D switch. Use your E7-4830 v3 device as the numeral. You will need OpenCL runtimes installed for this to work with your CPU.

-D, --opencl-device-types     | Str  | OpenCL device-types to use, separate with comma      | -D 1
That's the way to go, do not use hashcat-legacy