Quad 1080Ti Setup
(04-15-2017, 12:05 AM)devilsadvocate Wrote:
(04-14-2017, 03:06 PM)Flomac Wrote: Not only that barbsie already set up his configuration, but he also got 50C with 4 Ti at 75% fan speed, where your solution offers 53C with 4 normal 1080 at 90% fan speed. Not sure why the 730T would be a good choice.

The test that I did with 1 GTX 1080 FE (not 4) produced that result of 53 C.  It was done by testing several million SHA1 hashes.

Also, temps will be affected by the hash type as well as how many you are trying to crack.  For example, if I try to crack a single SHA1 hash, then I will get temps into the high 60's into the low 70's.  If I try to crack several million hashes, then I usually get a temperature from the low to mid 50's.  This was with a GTX 1080 FE with the fan at 100 percent.

The selected case and cooling solution are not the only factors when it comes to thermal performance.

For an accurate cross comparison of the two cases, you need to have static variables for such a test.  The selected video cards, fan speeds, hash types, and number of hashes should be the same for an accurate cross comparison.  The internal layout is also a factor.  Corsair has a habit of putting a hard drive cage right in front of the bottom front case fan in most of their designs (Corsair calls this cage their "Modular drive cage system").  I left my hard drive cage in that position, which blocks the airflow from the bottom fan.  For all I know, barbsie removed that cage and has better airflow.

But why should you buy the 730T instead of the 750D?  The 750D is $180 and the 730T is $140.  I'll take the less expensive option with the possibility of modding any day of the week over the alternative.  Additionally, I had a 750D that had a noise problem since the door doesn't always fit well to the frame with model.  I never had that noise issue with the 730T.  On top of that, I prefer the 730T because I can just open the side door to do maintenance.  It's fast and easy and doesn't require unscrewing two screws the way the 750D does.

If I haven't convinced you by now that the 730T is the better option, then I'm not going to.  To each his/her own.

All good points. In fact I didn't spend a lot of time on choosing a case, just wanted one that could fit the motherboard and had plenty of room. You are right that I removed the hard drive cage, but I leave the cse closed as it doesn't make much difference temp wise. I also noticed major differences in temperatures with regards to what type of hashes are cracked and the size of the target hashdump, which seems logical as hashcat will use different algorythms which will put more or less strain on the system. All that said: much appreciate the suggestion, but case closed (pun intended).