guess number

I'm trying to use hashcat to crash a bunch of md5 hashes.  I'm using it in brute force mode.  When hashcat cracks a hash, it displays the <hash>:<password>.  Is there a switch that will cause hashcat to also display the number of guesses or passwords it tried before it succeeded?

Try with --outfile-format 11
Note that with hashcat such a guess number does not reflect the real guess numbers. There's huge blocks of guesses that are ran in parallel, which means from that number you can not tell if it was guess number 152 or guess number 66334213345 that cracked a hash if they were in the same package. That's the price to pay for massive parallelization.
Thank you both for your replies.

I tried --outfile-format 11. However, the crack_pos always seems to be blank. I tried with --outfile-format 8 as well just in case, but get the same behaviour.

@atom: Thanks for that insight. I understand the crack_pos will be snapshot of the internal state of hashcat. Although not ideal, it is a behaviour I can live with - particularly because this will be representative of real-world crack approaches.