Error: clCreateProgramWithBinary() -42

what is the reason?
this is simply if you have unpacked the 7z archive into an older version. remove the whole directory and unpack it again.
I have not had hashcat and I unpacked 0.6 immediately to the new directory.
maybe incompatible gpu?
2x HD 5870 on crossfire
without crossfire bridge (ony 1 card) i tried too
OK, which linux version and which SDK and which catalyst?
xp sdk intel ocl sdk 1.5 x86 catalyse 11.11
maybe intel ocl sdk opencl.dll is overlaying the amd one. i would remove intel ocl sdk and catalyst, then reboot, then find opencl.dll on computer and remove it by hand, then reinstall catalyst 11.11
hmm ... maybe works.... AMD write terrible software, often without the shaman's tambourine will not do. Nvidia much better))
now error:
first : can't GetLogicalProcessorInformation
clGetPlatformIDs() -1001