AMD Radeon Pro Duo
Hello to all!! I am new member of the forum and I want to purchase a new GPU for my Desktop for password cracking. Unfortunately, the motherboard of my old Desktop PC can only support one Graphics card so I would like a strong one. So, my question is about the AMD Radeon Pro Duo. Does anybody have any experience with this specific Graphics card? Is it compatible with the latest version of Hashcat (v. 3.40)? Is this a strong one to select for my PC? Thank you very much in advance.
Please spend a tiny amount of time looking through this forum before posting rudimentary questions. Your question has been answered ad nauseam.
Thank you very much for your response. I have already found this direct question from another member in this thread: but it does not answer my question completely. This is why I created a new thread.
From the thread you just linked:

(10-26-2016, 02:52 PM)Xanadrel Wrote: Stay away from amd, stay away from dual gpu cards, get reference/FE, get nvidia > maxwell.

So, 1080, easy answer.

So, any single-GPU nVidia reference card, Maxwell architecture or above.
Ok, thank you very much for your clarification @rico. I think I will go with GTX 1080 or maybe 1080 Ti after a while.