Which amd driver should I choose for best performance?
I know AMD is not the first choice these days, but I do wonder :
wich driver (stiil running catalyst 15.7) is at this time the best to use with Hashcat 3.40 on a windows system?

Should I jump to the latest 17.3.3 or get one in between like 15.12, 16.40? What's your advice?

Thank you for any reply

I tried the 17.3 series the other day, and my 280x ran slower on wpa. 160KH/s vs 174KH/s while using 15.12. So i went back to 15.12 I haven't tried anything between the 2 tho.
Thanks for the reply. Appreciated!!

I'll get me a 15.12 then :-)
16.40 seems to be working OK for me, and I've seen a number of other posts recommending this version.